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Investing in Alpacas


The current stage of the Alpaca industry in the United States is considered a breeders market.  Breeders are striving to meet the ever increasing demands for Alpacas.  Along with the animals themselves as a "product", the fleece qualities make them a very high contender to the wool industry.  Alpaca fiber is 100% hypoallergenic as it does not contain lanolin, it is as warm as wool, yet softer than cashmere.  This gives Alpaca fiber an even more anticipated increase for demands for the future.

WHY BUY AN ALPACA FOR UP TO $675,000 YOU ASK?  The alpaca industry is a multi-faceted market.  Serious alpaca breeders are ever increasing the quality of the alpaca fleece by breeding up and up with the highest quality genetics able to produce alpaca fleece that is "to die for".  This fleece fetches $1,000's in the marketplace.  The alpacas that they bred that came out with exceptional fleece, confirmation and a list of other favorable traits?  They go upwards into the six-figures and other's are willing to pay the price to own the genetics to reproduce high-end quality fleeced animals that with continue to reproduce for them for many years to come.  There are multi-million dollar alpaca farms around the United States today.

Be a part of an ever increasing demand for luxurious alpaca used for clothing that is lighter and warmer than wool in cooler weather and wicks away moisture in warmer weather.   Alpaca sweaters have been worn by professional golfers (Arnold Palmer and others) for years.  Garment manufacturer's love working with alpaca because it drapes so beautifully.  A suit made with alpaca is heavenly to wear.  Alpaca is naturally fire retardant.  It is naturally UV protective.  Alpaca is used to produce gorgeous draperies, upholstry fabrics, rugs, pillows, batting for quilts, horse blankets, felt hats, and many more high-end products and worth every penny!  The market is out there and we are fortunate to be a part of it. 
Alpaca ownership has attracted conventional farmers, business owners, professionals, retirees, as well as many from all walks of life.   Because of being one of the easiest forms of livestock to care for, enjoyable to raise, their rarity and high value, as well as small acreage and facility requirements, this makes them extremely appealing to a large segment of the population.
While many owners have the acreage for pasturing and shelter, those urban dwellers who would like to enter the market can do so by boarding their Alpacas.  Morning Star Alpaca Farm offers boarding and is able to expand our facilites to accomodate more animals in the future.
Alpacas offer considerable tax benefits.  The animals themselves can be fully depreciated as well as the expenses of the barn facilities, feed, care and supplies.  Herd building over time is recognized as a possible form of deferred wealth building.  They are considered by many to be the world's finest livestock investment.
Initially Alpacas appear to be expensive.  However, when considering the high cost of importation and today's prices of quality offspring, Alpacas are reasonably priced.  The multiplication of the herd makes Alpaca ownership a way to earn a much better return on your investment than traditional savings plans today.   They range in price from a few thousand to tens of thousands of dollars.  Pet quality animals on average range from $1,000 to $3,000, young future herdsire males $10,000 to 20,000, while bred females range from $15,000 to over 30,000.  Exceptional, proven herdsires may exceed $60,000, while the world record is $675,000 for a single male at auction.  This male is said to have already booked over 2 million in stud fees already!  So you see, the life of Alpaca ownership income has no set limits.
We invite you to take the time to explore Alpaca ownership for yourself.  We would enjoy showing you how you can virtually get started in the Alpaca industry with an initial investment of a personalized herd size of your choice, that can potentially give you a return on your initial investment in two to five years and can only naturally provide an increased income thereafter through multiplication!  Give us a call today to arrange a sit down to explore your options.


Purchase (2) bred females for $10,000 +/- = (4) Alpacas.  Sell (2) female offspring for $4,500+/- each = $9,000 back 1st year.  Please note that males born that are not of show quality may sell for as low as $500 as "Fiber Boys".

Second Year you get two free breedbacks to our herdsires = (2) free offspring.  Sell at $4,500+/- each = 9,000 2nd year = $8,000 +/-  profit! 

You should truly expect a reasonable plan of 5 years to get your Alpaca business established.  There are always factors that come into play and the great thing is YOU get to grow your business the way YOU want it to grow.  Only you know how far you want to take it and the sky is the limit!

The more females you own, the more profit.  # of females x # of offspring = unlimited income!  You may even keep some of your offspring to grow your herd or buy more. 

Showing your animals is truly the only way to judge the quality in the industry.  Families around the country enjoy showing alpacas together as a rewarding team effort.   By taking your animals and competing against other alpacas in the country gives you recognition with other farms.   We have several in the surrounding states that you can attend and enter into.  When your animal wins a ribbon, you just increased the value of that animal and buyers take note!    Promotion is very good!  Who knows?  Maybe you can breed up a fine $675,000 Alpaca too!

Breed your females to some of the top Herd Sires in the country to increase the quality of your fleece for higher selling price points.  Purchase unrelated Herdsires for Breeding Fees for yourself and to service your females. 

Sell the Fleece!  You get 4-5 lbs of valuable fleece per animal.  Sell it raw, have it made into yarn, or have it made into products!  Raw fleece starts at  $20.00 per pound.  Yarns sell for $18.00 + per 4oz and up.  Royal fleece with a 13-15 micron sells today for as much as $6,000-$7,000 per bale and is sold to very high-end garment companies ready to purchase only the very best for an elite market.

Open a farm store to sell your products.  The possiblities are can be as creative as you want to be!

Why fiddle with goats and sheep and rabbits when you can own easy to care for, inexpensive to feed alpacas that can actually make you more of an income at a faster pace??? 


Updated November 26, 2013